About us


Our Story

Our dream started in our farm located along the Orange River in Fort Myers, FL.

A healthy lifestyle has been a big part of our family, always looking for the freshest veggies, fruits, different plants and herbs to be added to our diet. That's how our line of products started and we formed Natural Florida Company. 

Our mission is to provide nutrient dense superfoods supercharged with essential vitamins, minerals, protein and amino-acids. We offer plant-based ingredients that are known and scientifically proven to improve your health and support your wellness routine. 

Natural Florida Company products are produced sustainably, free of GMOs and Vegan. Our line of products are made in our farm in Florida, our plants are ethically sourced from many parts of the world such as Japan, India and Peru with the highest level of quality, with our planet in our minds. 

We love what we do and we our proudly made in Florida. 


Natural Florida 


Located: 11331 Long Rd, Fort Myers, Fl, 33905

Email: info@naturalflorida.farm